JOB ID 10862: Software Engineer

JOB: Software Engineer


REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Comp Sci, Engg, IT, or related with at least 60 months of experience. Salary ranges between $113,194.00 to $115,000.00/year. Travel and relocation to various unanticipated client locations throughout the United States may be required. Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job duties include:

● Collaborating with the development team to understand the design and performance specifications of the software.
● Developing test plans and test cases that are comprehensive and effective at identifying defects.
● Writing and maintaining automated test scripts using tools and frameworks such as Selenium, JUnit, and TestNG.
● Executing manual and automated test cases to identify defects and verify the functionality of the software.
● Debugging code to find and fix defects in the software.
● Participating in code reviews and providing feedback to improve the overall quality of the software.
● Estimating the amount of time and resources required for testing and tracking the progress of testing efforts.
● Working with other teams such as product management, customer support, and engineering to resolve any issues that arise during the testing process.
● Communicating regularly with the development team and other stakeholders to provide updates on the status of testing and any issues that need to be addressed.

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