JOB ID 10865: Software Developer

JOB: Software Developer


Requirements: Master’s degree in Comp Sci, Engg, IT, or related with at least 6 months of experience. Salary ranges between $101,192.00 to $103,000.00/year. Travel and relocation to various unanticipated client locations throughout the United States may be required. Equal opportunity Employer.

Job duties include:

● Design, develop, and operate web applications focusing on user experience, security, and scalability.
● Apply modern software development practices and best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, build processes, testing, and support operations.
● Design, create, implement, modify, and support complex software applications utilizing VB.Net, .NET/SQL, C#, .NET, .NET, SOAP, REST etc.
● Design and develop web applications using ASP, JSON, HTML, CSS, etc.
● Perform bug fixes, diagnose problems, and ensure that all functionalities are working as expected and requirements are met.
● Automate deployments to test, staging, and production environments using CI/CD pipelines.
● Participate in a tight-knit engineering team employing agile software development practices.

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